About Leading from afar:

If there's one thing that CoVid19 taught us is that working remotely is the future. Whether working from home, a cafe, or on a beach the future isn't everyone being required to work from a single central location. I have been building and leading remote companies and teams for 10+ years. Since going remote, I've been a passionate evangelist of remote work. This site and content are dedicated to helping remote leaders. Having access to leadership knowledge and upskilling will be the key factor in a smooth transition to the remote future.

I'm Scott Markovits. I was the first hire at InVision and helped build the foundations of the company. From marketing, sales, product, operations, and most things in between. I've also mentored and consulted with over a thousand early-stage startups; including a tens of remote ones. You can reach me via Linkedin, Twitter, Email, or my website.